What Makes Us Detroit SEO Company The Best Digital Marketing Firm In Michigan

Detroit SEO is a top rated Michigan search engine optimization and internet marketing company.

Nine out of ten people will click on the first page of search results. When searching for a local business, seven in ten searchers will call or visit one of the businesses they find on the front page of Google. Getting front page listings is crucial if you want to attract interested customers who are looking for your products or services.

Traditional advertising is not as effective as it used to be. Savvy business owners have been using the power of the internet for years to expand their operations and swell their profits while less savvy competitors have been wasting money on traditional media. This is one of the reasons internet marketing has exploded in the last few years.

How to Select an SEO Expert in Detroit

Most business owners know that it is easier to convert people who are searching Google for your products or services then it is to convert a cold list. This is one of the main reasons why marketing your business online is more effective then using traditional advertising.

Competition for top Google rankings is difficult. If you’ve been in business for a few years, chances are you’ve been inundated with emails and calls from all corners of the world from search engine optimization companies and digital marketing experts with promises to help your business earn top search engine rankings.

Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for a Search Engine Specialist in Detroit:

  • Ask for proof of rankings. Digital marketing agencies are really good at convincing you why you need their services. However, more often then not, they fail to secure you the rankings they promised. To understand why you must first understand their business model.They generally have a lot of expenses. Beginning with office space and other fixed overhead. Then, they have a lot of employees which may include web designers, SEO specialists, account managers, marketing coordinators, salespeople, managers, HR. Then, there are health benefits, 401K and other expenses every other business has.Great SEO specialists are in high demand and they don’t come by cheap. They’re usually self-employed because they can earn more money or do in-house SEO for firms that value their work and compensate them
    There are many individuals and digital marketing companies who pose as SEO experts in Detroit. Remember, there are only ten coveted spots on the front page of the search engines. Therefore, there is a very small number of SEOs who are true SEO experts.Regardless or whether you’re interviewing a large or small digital marketing company, you should ask to see proof of rankings. If they fail to share this information then chances are they don’t have any front page rankings to share.
  • Avoid contracts. The standard in out industry is a twelve month contract. Most agencies have adopted this business model. Once you’re locked in there’s no way out. A great SEO professional or agency shouldn’t force you into a twelve month contract if they’re confident in their ability to rank you on page 1.

Two Reasons Why You Should Choose Detroit SEO Company:

  • Proof that we know how to rank. Chances are you landed on this page because you were searching for a Detroit SEO expert. For most people, just the fact that you found us on the first page of Google should be enough proof that we can rank even for one of the most competitive terms out there. If we’re outranking our SEO competition there is a good chance we can outrank yours. If that isn’t enough good enough for you then we can show additional proof.
  • No Contracts. We have nothing to hide. We feel it’s unfair and unprofessional to lock you into a twelve month contract. If you don’t like working with us or, if for some reason, we can’t rank you as fast as you desire then there is no reason to continue paying for our services.

About Us:

We are a full service digital marketing agency. We have the experience and expertise to rank you for locally, nationwide or internationally.

We provide the following services:

  • SEO Services: SEO is a broad field. To successfully rank you on the front page we focus on the following SEO aspects:
    – Site Analysis: Often times, there are technical aspects that prevent your website from ranking.
    – Link Analysis: Your site may have not have enough backlinks pointing to it. Or it may have too many. Some may be toxic, thus sabotaging your SEO efforts while others may not be strong enough. Or, you just don’t have the right type or the right mix of backlinks.
    – Keyword Research: There are keywords that bring a lot of traffic and then there are keywords that attract the right type of traffic.
  • Web Design: You may have paid thousands of dollars for your fancy looking website. As is often the case, pretty looking websites aren’t search engine friendly. Sometimes, they’re overloaded with code which is required to give it that fancy look. This code blocks or slows down the search engine bots, thus they leave your site before they fully crawl it. This affects SEO rankings. It’s important to have the expertise to identify toxic code. Your site may need a quick fix or an overhaul. Whichever may be the case we’re equipped to help.
  • SEO Copywriting: Getting traffic is not enough. That traffic should convert into paying customers. SEO copywriting is designed to be search engine friendly and persuasive in nature and results in higher conversions.
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising:  SEO takes time. You may want to increase your sales today. PPC can bring targeted traffic to your website in hours.
  • Social Media Marketing: This can serve a dual purpose. It can help you promote your brand and give you additional credibility. It can also bring in more customers. It’s important to note that it’s not a suitable lead generation model for all businesses.
  • Reputation Management: Whether you’re a business owner, business professional, CEO or professional athlete, your online reputation can make or break your reputation. We help you improve your reputation or create a positive one.

What to Do Next

You found us on page 1. We know how to outrank our competition who happen to be the best of the best in SEO. We’re confident we can outrank your competition. If you would like to see what we can do for your business then fill out the discovery form. We will submit a 5-8 minute video which explains everything we can do for your business.

There are no strings attached. If you like what we propose then call us to discuss the next steps. If not, the free video analysis is on us. We’re confident that it will be the most in-depth SEO analysis you’ve ever received.

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